I imported the reviews, but it is not showing up on my website.

Step 1: Check if the Installation Status is Enabled from the App's Dashboard - Settings - Widget Settings - Installation Status

Step 2: If the status is enabled, check if the review widget has been added using the 'Add Section' option under Customize Theme.

Things to do if the above steps fail

Sometimes, the customer will be using a custom theme or a page builder and the 'section' option won't be visible. Or even if the widget is added, the reviews won't show. In such situations:

1. Inform the customer that since they are using a custom theme or a page builder, you need to engage the development team for assistance. The development team might need collaborator access to the store and they will get back to the customer over email.  Gracefully end the live chat.

2. Send an email to contact@zegsu.com with the issue description and the chat transcript.

The subject line should be: AliReviews - Review Widget Not Visible - <shop name>