How to Send Automated Abandoned Cart Reminders

First things first - Let's understand why do you need to use an abandoned cart sequence.

When a customer adds an item to the cart and proceeds to checkout, they provide their billing and shipping details. If they choose to abandon the checkout for any reason, it is a lost sale.

Here is when SMSGo comes to your rescue.

SMSGo enables you to use the customer's contact information and follow up with them via SMS - If the customer provided their mobile number and has agreed to receive marketing/offer communication while checking out.

We recommend you create 3 SMS sequences:

First SMS - To be sent 5 minutes after the customer has abandoned checkout.
Second SMS - To be sent 1 day after the abandoned cart where you entice the customer with a 10% discount code.
Third SMS - To be sent 2 days after the abandoned cart where you entice the customer with a 20% discount code.

These are proven sequences and have helped our merchants increase their sales by 50% or more!

Here is how to set up Abandoned Cart using SMSGo

1. Head over to the SMSGo dashboard and scroll down to SMS Settings. Click on the Abandoned Cart Tab.

2. Make sure you have set the campaign status to ON and have set up the DND hours. SMS to your customers won't be sent during the DND hours - this ensures that you don't disturb them while they are sleeping!

3. As you can see we have 3 templates created here. You can edit, view, or delete the templates by clicking on the highlighted buttons. You can also click on the + icon to create a new template.

Either use our default templates or create your own, it's up to you. 

You can use the following variables while creating the template. The variables will be auto-populated in your SMSs that are sent to you customers:

{abandoned_cart_url}: The cart URL (25 characters)
{store_name}: Your store's name (24 characters)
{customer_first_name}: Customer first name (average 10 characters)
{customer_last_name}: Customer last name (average 10 characters)

Also, any URL/Links in your SMSs are automatically shortened when SMS is sent.

4. Once you have finalized the templates, you are all set! Going forward, if any customer abandoned their cart, these SMS sequences will automatically get triggered.

If a customer makes a purchase after receiving your SMS, the subsequent SMSs will automatically stop and no more SMS reminders will be sent to them.

5. You can track the Converted Orders and SMS Logs using the Analytics tab.