Amazon Import Issues - Important Troubleshooting


Amazon has restricted to showing only 100 reviews on their website for certain products now.
You can check this by going to page 10 for the reviews on Amazon.

You can check that Page 10 is the last page for reviews. So, Amazon is only showing 100 reviews in total (10 pages x 10 reviews)

This is the reason we are not able to pull more reviews for the product.

If this is not true then check the following:

  1. Check from the product page and educate customers if the product has fewer reviews (ratings and reviews are not the same). They need to go to 'Show all reviews' page

  2. Sometimes Amazon shows more reviews while it has fewer in actuality. The support team can check if that is the case by changing the pageNumber in the URL from the 'show all reviews' page.

    Ex. For a scenario where a customer said the app imported only 100 while Amazon shows 180 - there are 10 reviews per page. Goto last page to where customer's reviews were imported which is 100/10 = 10 (change pageNumber=10 in the URL). If the next button is there at the bottom of reviews and there are more reviews, then you can forward the ticket to the dev team otherwise you can give this reason to the customer of why the reviews are not getting imported.