Review title stars not appearing below the product name

When the AliReviews Review Widget is added to a product page, the review stars should automatically be added below the product name. If the review stars are not getting displayed for some reason, they can be added manually.

Step 1: Go to Online Store - Themes - Customize

Step 2: Go to the Default Product (top middle menu), click on Add Block, search for the AliReviews Title Star, and add it to the page.

Note: If the issue is with the 'featured product' on the homepage, then select HOME PAGE from the dropdown and repeat the same steps.

Step 3: Once added, the review title stars should automatically appear below the product name. You can change the placement of the stars by dragging the AliReviews Title Stars section up or down (shown using the arrow)

For some reason, if the title stars do not appear after this step, you can click on the AliReviews Title Star section and try adding the Product ID here. The Product ID is the last number in the product URL as shown in the example below. This can be provided by the customer from the Shopify Admin - Products section.

Ex. <---- Product ID


Things to do if the above steps fail

1. Inform the customer that you need to engage the development team for assistance. The development team might need collaborator access to the store and they will get back to the customer over email.  Gracefully end the live chat.

2. Send an email to with the issue description and the chat transcript.

The subject line should be: AliReviews - Review Title Stars - <shop name>