How to change the position of the AliReivew Product Widget?

The position of the AliReview Product Widget can be easily changed from the Customize Theme Section of the Shopify Store.

Step 1: Go to Online Store - Themes - Customize

Step 2: On the left side of the screen, you will see the 'Alireviews Product Widget' already added under Apps

Step 3: To change the widget position, just hold the icon highlighted below using your mouse and drag it to the desired position.

Things to do if the above steps fail

Sometimes, the customer will be using a custom theme or a page builder and the drag-and-drop option won't be available.

1. Inform the customer that you need to engage the development team for assistance. The development team might need collaborator access to the store and they will get back to the customer over email.  Gracefully end the live chat.

2. Send an email to with the issue description and the chat transcript.

The subject line should be: AliReviews - Move Widget to New Position - <shop name>