What are InstaGenie's Pricing Plans?

Starting today, 11th Dec 2022, we are deploying the below plans for Instagenie for all the new installs:

If a customer is on a free plan and requests access to any of the 'prime' plan features, please politely ask them to upgrade to the paid plan.

For existing customers:

Existing customers will be given until 20th Jan 2023 to upgrade to the premium plan at a discounted cost of $3.99/mo. This offer will be shown in the app dashboard to existing customers.

Post 20th Jan 2022, unless upgraded, all existing customers will automatically be downgraded to the free plan. This information will also be shown in the app dashboard.

If existing customers switch to the paid plan after 20th Jan 2023, they will have to pay the full price of $5.99/mo.