How to Enable the Premium "GRID" Feature?


Step 1:
 Get the 'myshopify' store name on which the GRID feature needs to be enabled.


Step 2: Go to and log in with the account provided to you.

Step 3: Enter the myshopify store name under the Shop field and click on Pull. 

Then click on Plan and select BASIC. Then click SAVE to apply changes.

Step 4: Ask the customer to refresh the page the check if GRID is working. You can then provide the review link ( and ask them to share their feedback if they are happy with the support provided.

Things to do if the above steps fail

1. Inform the customer that there seems to be an issue and that you need to engage the development team.  Inform them that you will follow up over email once the issue has been resolved. Gracefully end the live chat.

2. Send an email to with the issue description and the chat transcript.

The subject line should be: InstaFeed - Grid not activated - <shop name>