What is a Draft Order?

We use Draft orders to apply automatic discounts to the customer's cart, without the need for discount codes. Draft orders are only created when a customer accepts at least 1 upsell offer and initiates a checkout.

Draft orders appear in the "Drafts" section inside the Orders tab as shown in the image below:

Draft orders can be of two types:

1) Open Draft Order

If the customer adds a product through our upsell app but does not completes the purchase, the draft order will remain open and will not be marked as closed. Remember that the customer did not complete their checkout, so you should treat this as an abandoned cart, as customers did not pay for this order yet. If the customer does not complete their purchase in the next 24 hours, the draft order is purged from the system.

2) Completed Draft Order

A Draft order would be marked as completed if the customer completes the checkout.

Please Note - Only the orders that appear in your Orders tab should be considered as complete upsell purchases.